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  • Dec. 2021: The Prevalence of Galaxy Overdensities Around UV-Luminous Ly-alphaEmitters in the Epoch of Reionization

Leonova, E. et al., MNRAS, submitted


  • Dec. 2021: Assessing the sources of reionisation: a spectroscopic case study of a 30× lensed galaxy at z~5 with Ly-alpha, C IV, Mg II, and [Ne III]

J. Witstok et al., MNRAS, 508, 1686


  • Aug. 2021: The Nature of High [OIII]88micron [CII]158micron Galaxies in the Epoch of Reionization: Low Carbon Abundance and a Top-Heavy IMF?

H. Katz et al., MNRAS, in press


  • Aug. 2021:  ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: a strongly lensed multiply imaged dusty system at z>6

N. Laporte, A. Zitrin, R. Ellis et al., MNRAS, 505, 4838

  • Aug. 2021: ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: A spectral stacking analysis of [C II] in lensed z~6 galaxies

J.B. Jolly, K. Knudsen, N. Laporte, A&A, 652, 128


  • Aug. 2021: Probing Cosmic Dawn : Ages and Star Formation Histories of Candidate z>9 galaxies

N. Laporte, R. Meyer, R. Ellis et al., MNRAS, 505, 3336


  • Apr. 2021: ALMA Lensing Cluster Survey: Bright [CII] 158 micron Lines from a Multiply Imaged Sub-L* Galaxy at z=6.0719

S. Fujimoto, M. Ogura, G. Brammer, N. Laporte et al., MNRAS, 911, 99


  • Jan. 2021: Double-peaked Lyman-alpha emission at z=6.803: a reionisation-era galaxy self-ionising its local H II bubble

R. Meyer, N. Laporte et al., MNRAS, 500, 558


  • Dec. 2020 : MUSE observations towards the lensing cluster A2744: Intersection between the LBG and LAE populations at z~3-7

G. de La Vieuville et al. , A&A, 644, 39


  • Nov. 2020 : The Mass-Metallicity Relation at z=8: Direct-Method Metallicity Constraints and Near-Future Prospects 

T. Jones et al., ApJ, 903, 150


  • Oct. 2020 : The Mean Absorption-line Spectra of a Selection of Luminous z~6 Lyman Break Galaxies

Y. Harikane, N. Laporte, et al., ApJ, 902, 117

  • Oct. 2020 : New methods for identifying Lyman continuum leakers and reionization-epoch analogues

H. Katz et al., MNRAS, 498, 164


  • Sep. 2020 : Interpreting the Spitzer/IRAC colours of 7 $?z?$ 9 galaxies: distinguishing between line emission and starlight using ALMA 

G. Roberts-Borsani, R. Ellis & N. Laporte, MNRAS, 497, 3340


  • Jun. 2020 : Three Ly-alpha  Emitting Galaxies within a Quasar Proximity Zone at z=5.8

Bosman et al., ApJ, 896, 49


  • May. 2020 : The role of galaxies and AGN in reionizing the IGM - III. IGM-galaxy cross-correlations at $z\sim$6 from eight quasar fields with DEIMOS and MUSE

R. Meyer et al.,MNRAS,494,1560

  • Aug. 2019 : Probing cosmic dawn with emission lines: predicting infrared and nebular line emission for ALMA and JWST,

H. Katz et al., MNRAS, 487, 5902


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